Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So finally I remember a dream.

I'm on my way to a demolition derby, where I will be singing, with my brother, Jamie, and Chris Cornell. We're a band, and we sing Soundgarden songs. I'm pretty nervous, because I'm the singer, even though Chris Cornell is in my band. For the record, it was early 90s Cornell, long hair but no moustache.

I'm getting ready for the show, doing my make up and hair etc, and Jamie is bugging me because I haven't been practicing. We're running out of time before going on and I'm getting really anxious. I think "Man, I hate public speaking, how the hell am I going to get in front of a crowd and sing. I can't even sing." Jamie says "Well maybe next time you can worry less about the whole (waves his arms at my head) visual part and more about the performing part".

I realize that I don't even really know all the words to any Soundgarden songs. I keep trying to think of all the words to Fell on Black Days and can't get past the chorus. So then I think "Well maybe I can just have lyric sheets." I start worrying that I can't really sing, and my rationale is "But I like playing Rock Band. This is just like that." I start to try and sing some of Fell on Black Days, and it doesn't go very well. I say "What if Chris sings? I mean, he's IN Soundgarden. I'll just be the back up singer." Jamie says "But Chris is playing the drums." I start thinking about Soundgarden songs, and figure that Black Hole Sun might be the only song I actually know the words to, but I still don't think I can get out there and sing it for a bunch of people.

We're out of time, and have to go on. I look at myself in the mirror and freak out because I'm not wearing mascara so my eyes look tiny.

The End.

I'm sorry Chris Cornell.

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