Friday, October 22, 2010

Legally Obligated Furniture

You know, I'm having a lot of trouble settling on a tense for recording my dreams. So I apologize for any variances in each post or throughout the blog itself. It's kind of an odd thing to be recording.

Okay, so the dream starts in my current apartment, and I'm apparently still living with my old roommate Nick. Which is silly, because it's a one bedroom... Anyways, our other roommate (again, one bedroom) has moved out in protest of our lack of furniture. (Reality note: up until last week, the only living room furniture I had was the worst love seat ever). For some reason, this is very upsetting to us.

Then my mom shows up with a rocking chair (this really happened last week) and the couch from her house (not real but I wish it were). Somehow my dining room gains chairs. Nick and I realize we could go get our roommate back. Out of nowhere, we pull a contract. We set up a meeting with the ex-roommate, and we trick him into meeting us. For some reason, we don't want to tell him what the meeting is really for, and there is a tone of subterfuge.

We meet the roommate, who by the way, is not a person I know in real life as far as I can remember, on a park bench. I carefully broach the subject of him moving back in, implying that he is legally obligated, as he left due to the furniture situation, which has been fixed. I never flat out say that he has to, but I am thinking the whole time that it was very important that he believes me. The roommate is hesitant and I tell him that even if he just signs the contract, Nick and I can get our tax breaks. I explain how comfortable the couch is, and how great it is for sleeping (very true). The roommate doesn't agree and we go home.

Once there, I take pictures of all the furniture with my phone and send them to the roommate. And then I woke up.

Ultimately pointless dream. Just getting rid of some leftover furniture thoughts, of which there have been many of late.

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